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A Heart

I wanted to do a heart study for a while now but this one turned out to be a piece on it’s own. i really like the way it came out.

Still life study

Quick still life study. This is one of two salt and pepper containers i have. Thought it to be a nice subject for a still life 😀


Some random doodle that turned out to be an interesting idea.

Another Zombie update

It’s been a whole while since i’ve painted 🙁 I’ve started working on the Zombies piece again and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t working very well. after some cropping i found this composition to work better. Still needs loads of work though.


This is a piece for a contest i did last month. Didn’t have my wacom tablet on my business trip so decided to do a photo manipulation for a change. Didn’t win but was super fun to do.


Yup!!! More zombies coming up 😀 started with some loose sketches and decided to make an illustration off of it. Hope it’ll work out 😀